…Because home is where the heart is. Home is a comfortable, familiar place. It provides a sense of stability to people who are confronted with illness and/or loss of cognitive or physical abilities.

Familiar surroundings hold precious memories. Clients with memory impairment often have moments of extreme anxiety as they realize they cannot recall simple information such as a name or an item they are trying to find.

Their home environment can minimize the anxiety that comes with dementia; it helps keep them grounded when confusion sets in. Yet they often resist help, insisting they can take care of themselves. This puts families in a difficult position -- knowing your mother needs assistance, wanting to keep her safe, and at the same time, trying to balance her need for independence.

We also care for people living with chronic illness or life threatening diseases. Life can seem like a series of “take-aways” as the seemingly endless process of medical appointments and treatments begins.

Our caregivers are compassionate, experienced people who go beyond the typical daily tasks; we develop relationships with clients, offering emotional support, advocacy, and resources to fully support them and their families.

Call our office at (207) 703-0587 and speak to our Director of Client Services. We can help you create a care plan that is affordable and keeps your loved one safe.


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